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Certify The Web - Certify Certificate Manager


Our┬ápopular app provides TLS/SSL Certificate management for Windows based IIS web servers using the Let’s Encrypt service (and other ACME certificate authorities). Certify The Web provides a comprehensive UI which hides the complexity of the certificate request process and performs automatic renewals and certificate binding configuration.

If you require any help/support or have questions regarding this product please visit https://certifytheweb.com

Open Charge Map


Established in 2011, OCM is now the worlds largest Open Data repository for electric vehicle charging station locations. In addition to helping manage the project, Webprofusion contribute hosting, significant technical input to design and develop the database, APIs and apps to keep the project running. The aim of the project is to enable electric vehicle use by crowdsourcing, supplying and curating quality charging station location data for use in SatNav systems, mobile applications and online mapping services. This service is used by thousands of apps and service for data and our API currently handles millions of queries per month.

Other Projects

Occasionally we will develop a new project/product just to push the boundaries in a particular area or as experiments. These have included:

Ormsby Guitars – Design Studio


Developed to enable potential customers to create their own unique product designs, the Design Studio web app was created at the absolute cutting edge of web technology. Harnessing the latest in app frameworks, APIs and real-time 3D graphics, very few web apps have pushed the boundaries of web technology to the same extent.

If you have a project you would like to discuss please contact us:
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